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Wise Mountain, Radical Hill

No Reviews
Location Breckenridge, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 28.4 miles
Time 4-5 hrs

Vehicle Types


Non-stop, eye-popping scenery, great fun!

This is the ultimate ATV adventure. You’ll see non-stop, eye-popping scenery, mines, wildflowers and many well-preserved cabins. Much of trail follows the Continental Divide where mountain goat sightings are common. Trails are fun and not overwhelmingly difficult.


Trail Ratings Defined

Most of trail is moderate except Radical Hill and upper parts of North and Middle Fork routes, which are steep and rocky in places. Best time to ride is mid to late summer. Snow can block upper parts of trail well into July or even longer in heavy snow years. (See page 15 for carburetor adjustment information).



28.4 miles


4-5 hrs

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Current Conditions

(970) 468-5400White River N.F., Dillon Ranger District

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Charles Wells of FunTreks
This trail title, Wise Mountain, Radical Hill, only applies to the ATV Guide Colorado Central Mountains. For 4×4 books look for trails titled separately as: North & Middle Fork of the Swan River, Radical Hill, Deer Creek and Webster Pass. The ATV book has these trails combined on one map. The last time we drove these trails was the summer of 2018. Some were driven in a Jeep, some in a UTV. Generally, the trails have gotten more difficult, with more exposed rock and steeper, rockier climbs. Also, note that the camping symbol, shown at Waypoint 01, no longer applies. This spot is strictly for parking and staging. Another change is that the town of Montezuma has been allowing unlicensed vehicles to go through the south end of town in order to connect Saints John Trail to Deer Creek and Webster Pass. But please pass through slowly to avoid dust. Don’t park on streets in town. Park in the big lot at the start of Deer Creek shown on our ATV map as Waypoint 07.


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