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Wickenburg Mountains

3 Reviews
Location Wickenburg, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 21.2mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Long, remote trail to Bradshaw’s Grave and Copperopolis townsite.

Great mountain views in a truly remote setting. Visit Bradshaw’s Grave and cabin ruins at Copperopolis Townsite. We’ve added a new exit route so you don’t have to return the way you came in. Also allows you to drive the trail in the opposite direction starting from Lake Pleasant. Great trail for unlicensed vehicles.


Trail Ratings Defined

We previously rated this trail moderate, but conditions have gotten worse due to washouts in sandy canyon bottoms. New exit route was not difficult when we drove it, but this route is prone to damage from flash floods. Don’t go if heavy rains are forecast. Aggressive SUVs with high clearance can do it unless new damage occurs.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Current Conditions

(623) 580-5500Bureau of Land Management, Hassayampa Field Office, Phoenix District

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Trail updates

Submitted by David K.
I started backward from Lake Pleasant. I made it past Point 04, but not too far after that, probably around the UFO mine location, the road becomes very very washed out. I had to back up a ways and turn around. I have an 84 Toyota truck 5″ lift 37″ tires and lockers, no winch and I did not feel safe to continue. I was also by myself but maybe with others, it could be done. A UTV could probably do it.


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Barb says

This is a scenic trail and worth the trip. We had trouble following it because waypoint 06 has the incorrect GPS coordinates as they are the same as waypoint 05. But we finally figured it out.

Cameron Deemer says

Just ran this trail from the Wickenburg end last weekend. One JK, one LJ, and one TJ with an inexperienced driver. All Jeeps lifted on 33s. The entire route was quite passable. A lot of moderate conditions. The TJ lifted a wheel in one spot, but otherwise no issues. I think it could be done stock with careful wheel placement. There are a few washed out areas, but they are easy to straddle. Also a few larger rocks in the trail, but not more than a handful of places. You must be careful with route finding. There are a couple spots where the correct road isn't obvious due to light travel

Brian M. says

We attempted this trail on 2-15-2020 and found a section that was very washed out with deep ruts. We felt this section was too dangerous to pass on our quads. The section is at N34*04.276 W112*32.163. But, what part of the trail we did ride was good, rough in places and a moderate challenge.
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