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West Magnolia

1 Review
Location Nederland, CO
Rating Easy,
Length 4.3mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Lots of camping on northern half of this remote trail network.

A small area with network of forest roads to explore. Great for unlicensed vehicle owners with kids. Lots of camping on north end. Best place to unload is at Waypoint 05 or drive in to designated numbered campsites. Champion Mill, with an outstanding 10-stamp press, is within short hike of F.S. 105. Mill is on private property. We spoke with landowner who said it is okay to hike in from Waypoint 03 to see mill if you are quiet and don’t leave trash. He lives nearby. Absolutely no dirt bikes on the hiking trail. Stamp Mill may someday be moved to museum in Nederland. Trails open May 15-Nov. 30.


Trail Ratings Defined

Portion we drove was mildly rocky, narrow in places and had one mildly steep hill. Marked side roads were not driven or rated.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(303) 541-2500Roosevelt N.F., Boulder R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Tom
We looked for the stamp mill but couldn’t find it. We may not have gone far enough to the east. Is it still there? This was a great road for new drivers. The steep section at waypoint 4 was good experience for my wife and daughter, both up and down the hill.

Submitted by Carlo
Right at the start, I noticed a ‘Seasonal Closure’ sign but the forest service website says it’s still open. Just after 500 meters, I had to turn back cause too much snow and ice

Submitted by Charles Wells
The trail itself hasn’t changed much, but there is a change to the start. What used to be a Forest Service Work Center at the beginning of the trail has been sold, and the house is now a private residence. I called the Forest Service and they confirmed you can still drive past the house to the forest gate behind, despite a sign where you turn off County Road 16 that says the trail is closed. It should say it’s just a seasonal closure between Dec. 1 and May 14. And remember, sometimes the opening can be delayed due to excessive wetness.


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David Miller says

I ran this in a slightly lifted Subaru Crosstrek with a heavily modified suspension. It was a great technical trail for my vehicle. Increasing my approach and departure angles with bumper modifications was important. From a raw power standpoint, I wish I had 4lo for this trail, but I didn't need it. Good tires, all wheel drive, and good tactics you should be fine. I'd recommend 12" of clearance, but I made it out fine at about 9".
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