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Webster Pass, Handcart Gulch

1 Review
Location Breckenridge, CO
Rating Easy,
Length 10mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


Snow blocks upper trail well into July.

Thrilling drive with outstanding scenery. It is easier to reach Webster Pass starting in Montezuma, since the south side of pass is often blocked by snow well into August. You will not be able to go down Handcart Gulch until the snow completely melts at the top. You can also reach Webster Pass by first driving Red Cone, Trail #74; however, you won’t be able to return that way because Red Cone is one-way.


Trail Ratings Defined

The north side drive to the pass is relatively easy. However, as you descend into Handcart Gulch, the road is extremely narrow at the top. Closer to the bottom, Handcart Gulch is very rocky. Here, stock SUVs will need to proceed slowly using careful tire placement. Skid plates are recommended.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(970) 468-5400North side: White River N.F.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by AJ
Washout just south of waypoint four on the downward side of the switchbacks heading towards handcart gulch is extremely dangerous right now. My adventure; I rode Webster Pass and handcart gulch with a couple of friends (full-size Jeep JLU with a small adventure trailer, a full-size Jeep JKY with a small adventure trailer, and a full-size sprinter van). The first vehicle made it through the trail with no problems. The second vehicle, the trail disintegrated on the downside of the switchbacks. The third vehicle could not pass and had to back up and turn around. Opinion: This trail is extremely dangerous right now, and I suggest it be closed until maintenance is performed to shore up a specific washout on a very tight section of the trail. (Multiple “stakes” were bent over before we arrived, indicating this area has been repaired previously, however, those stakes are bent over, and the trail is washed out now)

FunTreks comment: We know Webster Pass has tight switchbacks and recommended vehicles not to drive this trail with trailers even when the trail is in good condition. However, the trail is ok to drive with Jeeps and vehicles without trailers.


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unknown says

I have used FunTreks guide books with my stock Explorer for many years. I just got the new 2019 Edition of the CO book and like the new format and new trails, But I have a problem with the ranking of this trail as "Easier". On 10/13/20 I tried to do Webster Pass from the Keystone side. The first 4 miles were often narrow (1 lane) and quite rocky-but beautiful. Even with careful driving, I bottomed the 2009 truck chassis Explorer on big rocks 3 times. In this dry season we had to ford a creek over a foot deep. Finally I was blocked by a snow drift and had to turn back. This trail is more difficult than #54 Hagerman Pass which is in the middle of the More Difficult rating.
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