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Tucson Wash

1 Review
Location Tucson, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 18.3mi
Time 4hrs

Vehicle Types


Fun SUV loop climbs to high desert overlook.

This fun loop passes under two railroad trestles, stops at an old dam, climbs to a high desert overlook, then exits through a moderately challenging rocky canyon. Drivers looking for hard-core obstacles can take side trips into side canyons shown on map. Great area for UTVs, ATVs and dirt bikes. Many more roads north of Wpt. 04. State Trust Land permit required.


Trail Ratings Defined

Tucson Wash is easy, but Tar Wash is narrow with moderate sized drop-down ledges. Climb to View Hill is steep, rutted and washed out in spots. Stock 4WD vehicles with good ground clearance can do it.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Current Conditions

(602) 542-4631Northern part of trail is on State Land

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Greg
The Tar Wash is a nice add, it is a great route in the winter when Mt. Lemmon has snow on the peaks! No issues or blockages at this time.

Submitted by Christopher
Easy trail. No blockage as noted from 3/19 and nothing that I would rate as moderate. All easy – could do in 2wd SUV. Beautiful area!

Submitted by Charles Wells
We will be upping the rating on this trail from easy to moderate. The climb up to the viewpoint where you turn right at Waypoint 04 is a bit more washed out now. Please note that, in the next edition of the Arizona book, we will be making a big change to this trail. Instead of going back to Waypoint 03 and exiting south via Old Tiger Road, the Tucson Rough Riders club showed me a much better route that loops back to Camino Rio Road and the start of the trail. In the meantime, if you want to try this route, turn right at Waypoint 04 after you return from the scenic overlook. Follow the well-defined road north 1.2 miles and turn right into a good-sized wash, shown as “Tar Wash” on some maps. This wash is mostly easy except where it winds through a narrow canyon. There is one narrow spot with a small ledge that requires careful tire placement, but we don’t think it rises to a difficult rating. You may disagree if you are driving a large, wide vehicle. The wash drops continuously downhill 5.3 miles to well-maintained Camino Rio Road. Right here takes you back to the start of the trail in 1.1 miles.


Submitted by Dave

As of March 17/2019 the section of the road through the narrow box (1/2 mile beyond the slot canyon on the right) is not passable. There is a large tree down near the road junction and appears to be a bolder there also. Had to turn around and come back out at Mammoth.



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Tom Simacek says

April 20 2020. No obstacles, actually kind of boring easy till 03, but the road from waypoint 04 to the overview is definitely not for the faint in heart. I am looking forward for the update.
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