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Tower Arch

1 Review
Location Moab, UT
Rating Difficult,
Length 14.6mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


A real 4×4 adventure inside Arches National Park.

Beautiful, challenging and great fun. Get the most out of your entry fee by allowing plenty of time to visit other great features in the park. All vehicles and drivers must be licensed. Pets are not allowed on this trail.


Trail Ratings Defined

We found the trail harder than it was on our previous trips. The obstacle at the entrance was much tougher and the sandy parts were very soft. Call ahead for conditions or stop at visitor center. Stock, high-clearance, 4-wheel-drive SUVs can do it, but you’ll want skid plates and some offhighway driving experience.






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Hot in summer

Current Conditions

435-719-2299Arches National Park

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Chuck Wells
This trail was already rated difficult, but it’s gotten harder. Rock ledges are bigger, and the sand was extremely deep and soft. You will want to air down your tires more to avoid getting stuck. We highly recommend you drive the trail in the direction described in the book. The reverse direction requires a long hill climb in very soft sand.

Submitted by Rich
Came into the park from the north on Salt Valley Road. As we headed towards the arch we didn’t find things too difficult. When the going did get tough, the lead vehicle spotted me through those spots without difficulty. Overall, the trail can be done with a stock vehicle, at this time, if you have a good spotter. On the outbound portion of the trail we really didn’t encounter any real deep sand, just some stuff 2-4 inches deep. There are some deep ruts in the sandy parts but we never drug bottom. It was a very fun run and I learned a lot about how my vehicle handled.


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S. Phillips says

Fun trail. A few tough spots. Lots of scenery.
by Webolutions Denver Website Design



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