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Tortolita Pass

4 Reviews
Location Tucson, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 22.6mi
Time 4hrs

Vehicle Types


A fun trail across the Tortolita Mountains with side roads to explore.

UPDATE: The private landowners have been aggressively trying to close the trail due to trash being left and people not taking responsibility.

A fun trail that winds across the Tortolita Mountains. It can be driven in either direction, but locals usually start in Catalina where there are more side roads to explore on public State Trust Land, rather than private land. It’s a popular area for UTVs and ATVs. Also, there is a convenient staging area at the start.


Trail Ratings Defined

When dry, most of this trail is easy to moderate with the exception of a more difficult 2-mile section that is steep and rocky in places. When wet, this trail can be impassable. At the high point of the trail, we met up with a stock Nissan Xterra whose owner said he managed the trail just fine.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Current Conditions

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Orin
I found that the trail had been closed at the Pima county line on the west side. I came in from Catalina side and was disappointed to find trail closed with post and wired up fence.


Submitted by Anonymous
The west side of the trail has “private property” signs and a shoddily wired-up fence, but they are not legal signs. Went ahead and took down the fence and went on through, closed it up again once I went through. Gotta love people who think they own everything.

Submitted by Bob
The west end of the trail has been blocked by land owners. Sill is accessible from the east side.


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Road Tripping Frank says

Road Tripping Frank this was a very interesting trail, the eastern side of the trail was easy, and then once you get into the western side of the trail it became more difficult (Pucker Moments) but i did enjoy it.

Dave says

Tried to do this trail on 05/18/2021 from west to east. Encountered a locked gate posted 'No Trespassing' and 'Keep Out' at the junction of Carpenter Ranch Road and Sunset Hills Road (waypoint 05).

Tom says

My son and I ran this trail in January of 2021 and had no hint of gate problems. It's a neat trail with good challenges and great views. A friend ran th2 trail on 19 March 2022 and found the gate open.

Agent Orange says

Public access is not to carpenter ranch rd. It is to cochise canyon rd. Carpenter ranch gate is private land and no legal access to the public. Gates are being installed to prevent trespassing. No exit to carpenter ranch.
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