The Gulches

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Location Colorado Springs, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 8mi
Time 5hrs

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Hackett, Longwater and Metberry Gulches drop steeply to river.

In 2002, Hackett Gulch, Longwater Gulch and Metberry Gulch, three of the most popular trails in the Pikes Peak region, were closed due to the Hayman Fire. Fortunately, all three trails are now open, at least in part. Efforts are still underway to open one key section along the Platte River that connects Hackett to Longwater, which would once again make a loop. This section has several difficult obstacles, including three deep water crossings.


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All routes descend steeply into spectacular Wildcat Canyon. Trails have been tamed somewhat due to maintenance after the fire; however, natural erosion is slowly returning the trails to their former legendary hard-core status. Hackett Rock, unfortunately, has been permanently knocked down.






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Bill Dawson says

All three Gulches end on the South Platte River and are very scenic.The view from the ridges as you begin the descent is spectacular as they are in the Hayman Fire burn area and the view is unobstructed by trees. Some areas are now starting to have new growth of aspen. Most obstacles are fairly tame. Longwater has a rock which traditionally had to be climbed but which now has a trail around it. Climbing the rock to get out is somewhat challenging. The Platte River is a great picnic destination.
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