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Taylor Pass

1 Review
Location Aspen, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 14.6mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


Travel between Aspen and Taylor Park over high-mountain pass.

Shortest way to Taylor Park Reservoir from Aspen. Great views from Taylor Pass, but not much after that. Ashcroft Ghost Town is near start. This trail is one third of popular loop that includes trails #27, #28 and #29. It also connects to Trail # 24. South end near Dorchester Campground is popular ATV and fishing area.


Trail Ratings Defined

Long section of bowling- ball size rocks is very slow-going. Stock, high-clearance vehicles with low range can make it but undercarriage damage is possible. No major obstacles, but one creek crossing is fairly challenging. Balance of trail is easy to moderate.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(970) 641-0471Gunnison N.F., Gunnison R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by FunTreks
Express Creek Road, Waypoint 01 to 02, is now rated moderate and not open to unlicensed vehicles (the trail is open to unlicensed vehicles south of Taylor Pass). The entire trail is now more challenging and should not be done in a stock vehicle but still has no obstacles. Loose rocks about the size of a 32″ tire are slow going.  Taylor Pass can be accessed from the south side by unlicensed vehicles.


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Jason says

We are running a Ram Megacab, 4” lift, 37” tires, dual lockers, high clearance bumpers. Found trail extremely difficult, needed to constantly spot and pick lines through continual boulder field (the whole red portion). Much gnarlier than book pictures. Creek crossing is quite long and tough as original bowling ball sized rocks are now 32” rocks spread throughout the river crossing as well as being sandwiched between stove sized boulders on either side- picking a line required very careful planning. Took us 3 hours to do just the red portion of the trail with no body damage— could be done faster if you don’t mind some Diff hits. Taylor Pass is beautiful , worth being up there but unless you are looking for a slow challenge, we recommend taking one of the easier ways up/down. A quad and ATV blew passed us, but a heavily modified Jeep would still have a slow difficult time.
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