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Spring Creek

2 Reviews
Location Idaho Springs, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 5.2mi
Time 4hrs

Vehicle Types


Rocky offroad trail includes difficult boulder field.

Due to its close proximity to Denver, this trail sees very heavy use. In the last few years, many large boulders have been exposed, creating near extreme conditions. A previously seldom-used side road at the bottom has now become the main trail. This section features a daunting challenge. The always challenging “Rock Garden” is at least twice as difficult as it was a few years ago. The trail climbs straight up the mountain and features high views of the I-70 corridor and Georgetown.


Trail Ratings Defined

Short sections of moderate road connect a series of steep boulder challenges. Highly modified vehicles only. Lockers are a must. Unlicensed vehicles are allowed, but trying to get an ATV or UTV up this trail would be almost impossible.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(303) 567-3000Arapaho N.F., Clear Creek R.D.

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Gary LaPrell says

Very challenging trail. I enjoyed this trail so much l ran twice this spring and summer. First trip slid into tree at first obstacle and tore off a tail light. Second trip slid off Boulder in the rock garden and landed up against a tree. My buddies had to push against the top to prevent the tree from cracking my hardtop. I’ll be back for sure 2012 JKU 3”Rock Krawler suspension, 37’s

Joel says

This is tougher than any other of the numerous “difficult” trails I have done in the funtrecks books. I drive a locked TJ on 35s and received body damage both times I’ve been here. The first wall is winch only for me after bouncing around at the bottom for a while with a well used tree anchor up the right line. The longer wheelbase 4 door Jeeps I was with were both able to make the left line. After this bypassable obstacle the short wheelbase gained the advantage in maneuverability and rock hopping for the rest of the trail. This reminds me of a miles long SOB (#10) hill. Definitely more difficult and sustained than holy cross up to the city. Lockers, winch, 35s and good lighting a minimum with stout rock sliders for the longer wheelbase rigs. I can’t wait to do it again!
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