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Slide Lake, Wurts Ditch

No Reviews
Location Leadville, CO
Rating Moderate,
Length 25.9mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Three different forest roads combined into one trip.

This is really three completely different trails combined into one. Slide Lake is a rocky 4-wheel-drive road with a great scenic ending. Wurts Ditch runs along the top of a curvy 10-mile diversion dam—very weird, but interesting. The upper part of No Name Gulch has some variety, but north of Waypoint 07 is a ho-hum car road.


Trail Ratings Defined

This rating applies to Slide Lake and the upper part of No Name Gulch. Everything else is very easy. Don’t get complacent on Wurts Ditch; it is narrow with many blind curves. If you are forced off the road, it’s trouble. The end of Wurts Ditch has a steep, rocky hill. I drove my stock Grand Cherokee on everything, but had to go very slow on the road to Slide Lake to avoid dragging bottom.






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Current Conditions

(970) 827-5715White River N.F., Holy Cross R.D.

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Submitted by Charles Wells

I drove this trail on June 25, 2018. My directions at Waypoint 03 are a little misleading. At 1.6 miles, it says to bear left through the trees. Actually, you continue straight past a cabin as you head into the trees. The road to Slide Lake seems just a bit rougher than the last time, but it is still a beautiful destination. A new kiosk at the start of Wurts Ditch spells this trail as “Wurtz” Ditch.


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