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Secret Pass Canyon

No Reviews
Location Kingman, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 17.3mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Rugged road crosses remote desert and rolling foothills.

Fun, scenic desert challenge to stunning Secret Pass Canyon that features cliff overhangs, extreme obstacles, and a hidden cave. We highly recommend you walk or hitch a ride through this unique canyon if it’s too difficult for your vehicle. Other unique features along the main route include Scream Hill, “Kissing Camels,” the Panty Tree, and Thumb Butte. We also saw many wild burros. Popular UTV area. Non-street-legal vehicles permitted. No vehicles allowed in wilderness.


Trail Ratings Defined

Main route has steep hills and descents with small ledges and loose rock. Optional Secret Pass Canyon is extreme. We drove everything but this canyon in our stock Wrangler.






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Current Conditions

(928) 718-3700Bureau of Land Management, Kingman Field Office

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Submitted by Chuck Wells

When we drove this trail the last time, we stopped at Waypoint 06. You can actually continue another mile or so into a fabulous canyon with very difficult obstacles. This is “Secret Pass Canyon” and is actually the main reason people come back here. You still, by law, have to turn around when you eventually reach the wilderness boundary. On the way out from Waypoint 06, we didn’t go all the way back to Waypoint 05. Instead, we took a fun side road that went directly north to Waypoint 07. We will be changing the rating on this trail from moderate to difficult. There are many very steep rocky sections.


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