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Schubarth Loop

1 Review
Location Colorado Springs, CO
Rating Moderate,
Length 13.7mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Popular 4×4 trails in forest above Air Force Academy.

Popular area close to Woodland Park and an easy drive from Colorado Springs. Trail is loop with network of legal side roads to explore. Narrow, twisty and fun. Lunch at fantastic overlook above Air Force Academy. Great area for a weekend campout with lots of dispersed camping once inside forest boundary. Ride your unlicensed vehicle from your campsite. First 2.5 miles crosses sensitive private land and USAF property. Pass through quietly and courteously to avoid conflicts with property owners; otherwise, area might someday be closed.


Trail Ratings Defined

Roads undulate with banked turns and narrow spots. Marked side roads are steep in places with occasional rocky challenges. Tight brush on way to overlook after Waypoint 05.






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Current Conditions

(719) 636-1602Pike National Forest, Pikes Peak Ranger District.

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Submitted by Terry
Drove this in August 2021 in our stock JLU Sport. Easy drive not challenging at all so the wife liked it a lot and there was no danger of damaging my new Jeep. Very scenic and there wasn’t any traffic on it. Mostly winding through forest shade so it was a perfect cool-off drive on a hot summer day down in the Springs. A few cool places you’ll want to stop and walk around and take in the view and have a picnic. A bit otherworldly in spots winding tightly between and around huge boulders. There were no closures like the other reviewer mentioned but he didn’t tell us when that was.


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Rick Hahn says

Drove Schubert’s Loop today…not a loop anymore. Between waypoints 03 and 06 the road is closed on both ends. Between waypoint 04 and 05 the road is closed but with a work around that quickly became too narrow and too rough for our JLRU on 33s. Not a very fun trail - just driving the woods on a gravel road.
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