Schnebly Hill Road

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Location Sedona, AZ
Rating Easy,
Length 10.7mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Spectacular downhill shortcut to Sedona from I-17.

Towering red rock buttes set against a backdrop of deep-green forest and clear blue sky make this road one of Arizona’s most photogenic. A great way to enter Sedona from I-17 if coming from Flagstaff. Many hiking trails on the more scenic lower half of road. Recommend unlicensed vehicles start at top end where you can park, camp and explore side roads. No camping below Vista Point. Trail is closed from I-17 to Merry-Go-Round Rock in winter approximately December through April.


Trail Ratings Defined

Rough, bumpy road, but, when dry, is suitable for almost any high-clearance SUV.






High Point


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(928) 203-7500Coconino N.F., Red Rock R.D,

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4/2017 Trail is currently a moderate rating.

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Submitted by Charles Wells
Customer Mark Shishida phoned us today to say this road is no longer easy. He drives a Subaru Forester and found the trail quite challenging. We’ve had other reports saying similar things. Just a reminder to all our customers that you can now post updates yourselves directly to our new website.


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Laura B. says

We drove from Sedona up to the vista. The road is very rocky and slow going. It looks like most of the dirt has washed away making this more of an intermediate trail. Wouldn't recommend for stock SUV & stock tires. We were in a ZR2 with 1" lift, & 32" BFG mud terrains and were able to make it easily, but slowly. The view is great from the top.

Mike Zaboski says

I agree with Laura's review. The road has become extremely rocky (it was better a few years ago). While technically the road is"easy" (any 4x4 can do it given enough time and inclination) I would not consider it fun with all the non-stop bouncing, and personally classify it as intermediate. Driving a Jeep Wrangler TJ with 4" lift on 33" AT tires aired down, we made it up about 3 miles before turning back. We even saw one Pink Jeep tour turn around at the same point, and another with a very ill passenger. With the large number of tour companies going up and down the road helping to tear it up, someone should kick in to help re-grade it.
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