Red Rock Powerline

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Location Sedona, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 10mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Steep powerline road with scenic red-rock terrain.

Unlike most trails under power lines, this one is relatively scenic thanks to an abundance of red rock and mountains nearby. We didn’t go up Sugarloaf Mountain, but understand it is quite scenic. As you head north from Wpt. 02, you’ll pass through another scenic spot overlooking a deep red rock canyon. This trail is open to unlicensed vehicles; just make sure you stay on designated routes per the Coconino National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map.


Trail Ratings Defined

Much of this road is easy to moderate. However, there are just enough steep, ledgy spots to require a difficult rating. Stock, high-clearance, 4-wheel-drive SUVs might find this trail a bit challenging in spots, but a good driver should be able to get through with careful tire placement.






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(928) 203-7500Coconino N.F., Red Rock R.D.

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MAS says

Although I am not a fan of powerlines per se, this is a very nice, mildly challenging trail. It is a fun drive through beautiful country. There is no traffic on trail, access is easy, the trail was not brushy or bumpy in Fall 2018 and ends before one has had enough. Side trip to Sugarloaf Mountain is bumpy for half a mile, but definitely a worthwhile, short spur (not described in Wells).
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