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Red Mountain Mining Area

1 Review
Location Ouray, CO
Rating Easy,
Length 9.1mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


Easy backroad to famous “Yankee Girl Shaft House.”

The northern portion of this route takes you on a historic tour of the Red Mountain mining district and a townsite once known as Guston. Route features the often photographed shaft house of the Yankee Girl Mine. Some of the road follows an old grade of the Silverton Railroad. The southern portion continues south on U.S. Basin Road and provides high views of U.S. 550 and all surrounding mountains.


Trail Ratings Defined

A fun, meandering road covering a variety of terrain from graded gravel to narrow two-track. Suitable for all stock 4x4 SUVs with moderate ground clearance. Do not drive this route during wet periods. Northern half has many side roads and can be a bit confusing without a good map.






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Current Conditions

(970) 387-5530San Juan Mountains Center in Silverton

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Steve
It was great with 4Lo and rear diff lock. Short incline required 4Lo, 1st gear, and diff locks.

Submitted by Mark
We did the north half. Still an easy trail for a stock full-size pickup. Lots of historic mines to stop and visit.


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Kenneth says

Nice little trail. Guidebook not very helpful, as it ignores a couple of turns (e.g., leaving the Genessee Mine area) and the mileages seem to be incorrect. Only trail I've gotten lost on more than once! And there is a large mud hole on the West (hairpin) exit from Genessee Mine that would be very difficult for a stock SUV other than a Wrangler or FJ or equivalent; especially if doing the trail South to North.
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