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Rawley Mine, Bonanza

1 Review
Location Poncha Springs, CO
Rating Moderate,
Length 36mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Climb high to multiple structures at Rawley Mine.

This is a fun trip with lots of standing mine buildings, especially at the Rawley Mine. See historic town of Bonanza, but respect privacy of the few residents that remain. Alternate return route is shown on map but not described in text. Although route-finding is tricky, it’s worth the effort if you seek more adventure. Many large dispersed camp spots along northern end of trail.


Trail Ratings Defined

Most of this route is easy; however, the climb starting at Waypoint 02 is extremely narrow in places and requires low range. If you encounter another vehicle, you may have to back up a considerable distance. Alternate return route has a few moderate rocky spots, but is otherwise easy.






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Trail Updates

Submitted by Kerry
Ran Rawley Mine/Bonanza trail backward. The trail is severely washed out and deeply rutted where Squirrel Creek crosses @ 38.33520, -106.15119. The uphill side of the creek has about a 24 – 30-inch ledge making it very difficult to cross for most.

Submitted by Joe
My wife and I ride CanAm Outlander 570 ATVs. As our first trip with the trail books we purchased from Funtreks, I was impressed with how accurate the trail map is. An outstanding job is done by the staff at Funtreks! Note: When the book says Moderate, Moderate is no joke. The moderate portion of this trail is a TON of loose rocks in various sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches in diameter, is often very eroded from rainfall/runoff and is a very narrow and steep (if you screw up, you go down a steep mountain) ledge. After 12.9 miles, we ran into the trail, which was not passable for our ATVs. It was apparently washed out. What was left of the trail was a three-foot vertical wall of mud with no way around without causing damage. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing Bonanza and the mines, but all in all, we had a great trip!


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Todd says

Did this route 6/15/20. Open all the way. Tree fall was freshly cut to clear the trail. Traffic was minimal. The mud bog above Superior Mill was a bit of a challenge but ok. Great ride!
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