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Radical Hill

2 Reviews
Location Breckenridge, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 3.7mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Narrow, tippy shelf road will test your nerves.

A short, white-knuckle climb to an outstanding view above 12,600 feet. Mountain goats are often seen at the top. Great area for ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes.


Trail Ratings Defined

Very tippy, narrow and steep with several mildly challenging rocky sections. A very aggressive stock SUV can make it with an experienced driver. Low range and skid plates highly recommended. Snow may block trail into mid summer.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(970) 468-5400White River N.F., Dillon R.D.

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Submitted by Sean
My wife and I were at the top of Webster pass looking at RadicalHill. Was watching a jeep go up. It was extremely rocky with four spots that were extremely difficult to bypass a three to four-foot wall of boulders. On my ATV I had my weight way over my Handel bars, to make it past. If you have any doubt in your riding ability, don’t do it. It was beautiful but dangerous.


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Joel says

This is a great trail and one worth doing in both directions. Often provides good exercise for passengers who may prefer to walk. I would probably avoid this one in the rain but both top and bottom of the trail provide easy routes back to Montezuma if necessary. Mountain goats are almost always hanging around the top and one time I saw over 30 up there.

Scott Z. says

Went down Radical hill on Sept. 3rd,no snow. There is an abundance of off camber maxing at 20 degree on my off road screen. The lower section is a washed out road with substantial obstacles of large rocks. In all it is difficult and the picture captured above says it all. I concur the trail should not be attempted when wet.
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