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Picture Frame Arch

4 Reviews
Location Moab, UT
Rating Easy,
Length 5.8mi
Time 4hrs

Vehicle Types


Fun family outing features camping and unique arches.

Two impressive arches and great camp spots along route and at base of Lone Rock. Portable toilet or Wag Bag required. Stop for lunch at Picture Frame Arch. Climb up into the arch for unique framed pictures (Caution: steep climb; watch the kids). Great area for UTVs, ATVs, and dirt bikes with many fun side roads, dry washes, and sand dunes to explore. At end of this trail, you can continue on more difficult road to impressive and remote Kane Creek Canyon Overlook, trail #51.


Trail Ratings Defined

A few rocky places provide just enough challenge to make it fun. Smaller SUVs with all-wheel drive can get to Balcony Arch. After that, you’ll want 4WD and high clearance.






High Point


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Current Conditions

435-259-2100BLM Moab Field Office, 82 E. Dogwood

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Andy
I found Picture Frame Arch, but it wasn’t easy. The roads are good into the arch, getting bumpy as you move from sand to rocks. The sign for the turn on the 191 side is gone so I missed that turn. I went another 1/2 mile on a progressively rougher road before I turned around. There is a sign for picture frame arch on the way back. Once you make the turn, following the trail is a little harder. We could stay on the route by watching for the paint marks on the rocks.

Submitted by Richard
If you go to the arch and turn around, yes, it’s easy. However, if you head out to the overlook, the trail quickly becomes more challenging, and I would rate as moderate. A few washed out areas with some tricky steps, and a fairly off camber climb on a very narrow shelf road will get your heart racing.

Submitted by Chuck Wells
The trail is still easy until you round the northeast tip of Lone Rock, where it has gotten a bit rockier. Low clearance vehicles may wish to stop here and walk less than 1/10 mile to the arch. In addition, after proceeding past Waypoint 02 on the main road, the trail has gotten much rougher, with several difficult spots, especially along the shelf road just before Waypoint 04. If you are looking for an easy family outing, do not continue on the main road northwest of Waypoint 02.


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Nicki says

Tried this trail today and there is no signage, so make sure you pack plenty of water and have time to backtrack. We talked to others on the trail that were lost also. We made it to Picture Frame Arch just fine, but continuing on to the look out at the end of the trail was difficult to find. We never made it because we kept taking trails and nothing was marked. If you want to take this trail, have a GPS and watch the mileage marks perfectly.

Sam says

Rode this trail today and there is no signage. So many trails in this area that it is hard to see what is the main trail and what isn’t. Picture Frame Arch was easy to find but after that was real confusing. Many others were having the same problem that we were. Whoever could offer more signage, would be great!

Carol says

Tried this trail today. Great trail but definitely not easy anymore. Should be updated to at least moderate. To the arches it was easy, but after that should be moderate.

David says

The route in the FunTreks app only shows to Picture Frame Arch (doesn't go past waypoint 2). I downloaded the GPX file, but it is the same. Is there a way we can get an update to the app to show the entire route?
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