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Peligreen Jeepway

2 Reviews
Location Red Bluff, CA
Rating Moderate,
Length 37.3mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Rough, one-lane 4×4 road crosses volcanic area.

Trail starts with an easy scenic drive through pine trees as it crosses several small creeks. The real fun starts when the road becomes a rough narrow one-lane drive over long volcanic ridges. Scenic views throughout until you reach Ishi Road, where you once again reach wide gravel roads. Forest campgrounds along Hogsback Road plus dry camping. Green-sticker vehicles on side roads only, not main route shown here.


Trail Ratings Defined

Easy, wide gravel road then changes to rough rocky terrain after Wpt. 03. High-clearance SUV recommended. One steep incline and several rocky sections along ridge are tricky to navigate. Grapevine Jeepway can be tight with brush. Optional shortcut can be difficult to impassible due to numerous fallen trees.






High Point


Best Time To Go

Spring or Fall

Current Conditions

(530) 258-2141Lassen National Forest, Almanor Ranger District.

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Gary Button says

We planed to go to the campsite just before Grapevine Jeepway and turn around there to avoid the brush described in your guide. However, this spring (2018) the brush on Peligreen Jeepway managed to scrap our jeep. The "quite steep" hill contained loose rock towards the top which impeded our progress. Lockers are required to ascend that hill. Unfortunately, we have open differentials. We decided to try the short cut on the way back after the experience with the brush on the Jeepway. Unfortunately, we went from the pan into the fire and ran a gantlet of of brush scrapping both sides of our relatively narrow XJ. Though open, the short-cut is a little rougher then the Peligreen Jeepway trail as well. We damaged the exhaust system and scratched our paint and plastic badly on this trip. A Wrangler JK is about 5" wider then a Cherokee XJ and will fair worse through the brush.

Dmitrii says

I took this trail in May 2023 and it was a fantastic experience. In my opinion, the trail should be categorized as "difficult" - there are pretty of rough places, especially from Wpt 04 to Wpt 06. I scratched the hell out of my brand new Jeep. But that's what I bought it for. Diff lockers are highly recommended - there are some steep uphills. Also, have a spotter - there are big rocks and slopes over there. I camped at Fischer Campground and it's a beautiful, well maintained camp site with plenty of space. Verizon didn't work there, but whatever cell provider Jeep built-in navigation is using worked just fine.
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