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Pass Canyon

1 Review
Location Bullhead City, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 21.4mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Near historic gold-mining town of Oatman.

Rugged desert bordering closed wilderness. Great mountain views and seasonal wildflowers. We drove as far as possible into Pass Canyon and took a short, fun hike at the end. Trail is blocked at Moss Mine, now a huge commercial mine, but we found a fun, alternate return route. Great OHV area with difficult optional challenges and many side roads to explore.


Trail Ratings Defined

Mostly sandy washes and rutted, dirt-packed roads. Steep in places. Difficult obstacles in Pass Canyon are off to the side and are optional. A steep, ledgy exit of Pass Canyon at Waypoint 06 was borderline difficult and getting worse. We drove this trail in our stock Wrangler Sport.






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(928) 718-3700Bureau of Land Management, Kingman Field Office

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Submitted by Chuck Wells

A big change here! Moss Mine at Waypoint 08 is now a huge active mine. The exit road 7717, we show in the book, is blocked on both sides of the mine. As you are coming south from Waypoint 07 you have two options. Where our map shows 7756 joining on the right, you can turn left and follow a sandy wash east and connect to roads going south. Or my preferred detour is to go to the north gate at the mine and turn northeast on 7813 shown in the book. This is a fun road with lots of steep hills and descents. Pass Canyon itself has partly filled in with sand and is no longer difficult, but you can find difficult side obstacles if that’s your thing. Also, if you continue west in Pass Canyon past Waypoint 07, the canyon gets very narrow and is very interesting. There’s also a large rock overhang with shade for a lunch stop. Eventually, it becomes a narrow slot canyon just wide enough to walk through.


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Craig W says

Driven March 27, 2021. 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro (32s, 1.5 inch lift, full armor). This is an amazing full day run through some great scenery, especially for the first half of the trail. Overall the majority of it is easy to moderate, but the section in Pass Canyon has some really tricky spots that felt more difficult to me. There is now a bypass at the large ledge at 9.7 miles, but it's really setup for UTVs and I felt like it was going to be too steep and tippy to take in a full size vehicle comfortably. We tried the ledges straight on at first and ended up a bit hung up. Were able to get free and figured out an alternate lower bypass that worked pretty well to get around them. Right after the ledges the trail gets impressively tight for a longer vehicle and we ended up cracking a tail light on one of the rock walls squeezing through. We were super lucky it wasn't worse to be honest. Not the end of the world as I had thought about swapping them anyway :). The rest of the canyon has a few trickier spots. We did end up parking about 0.7 miles from the end though due to another tight squeeze that had me worried after what had happened in the squeeze after the ledge drop. The end of the canyon is worth seeing as the combination of large overhangs combined with the narrowing to the slot is pretty neat. There was evidence of some ATVs and dirt bikes having come through this narrow section. Nothing wider I think could have made it. The ledge to get out of the canyon was in bad shape. I'd rate it as difficult now. Ended up doing a bit of rock stacking for good measure combined with locking up a differential and using the heavy setting for ATRAC in my Toyota. We got up it the first try, but I would not describe it as pretty. Definitely put my skids to use on it due to my length combined with the shear step up you need to make now. Trail from this point was a bit confusing in terms of way finding and brushy as can be. Expect pin stripes. We already had some but are definitely in way worse shape than we were. Oh well. Overall, it may still be moderate or smaller vehicles, but bringing a 4Runner, Gladiator or Wrangler Unlimited in here will make you feel large at times. I've run some stuff rated difficult and felt like the ~3 miles or so in Pass Canyon beat on my vehicle as much as any difficult trail ever does. Still had a great time though.
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