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Rampart Crossover

3 Reviews
Location Colorado Springs, CO
Rating Easy,
Length 36mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Easy forest road links Monument to “Garden of the Gods.”

We’ve combined Mt. Herman Road, a true backcountry drive, with the best, most scenic part of Rampart Range Road. The southern end of Rampart Range Road, although well maintained, offers unique, incredible views as it descends to famous Garden of the Gods Park. Legal side roads to the west of Rampart Range Road offer dispersed camping, gnarly spots and great views of Highway 24 below. No unlicensed vehicles are allowed on the main route described here. For this, we recommend nearby Schubarth Loop, Trail #91.


Trail Ratings Defined

You’ll see cars on the upper parts of Rampart Range Road near Woodland Park and Rampart Reservoir. Fewer cars go all the way to Garden of the Gods Park because the road gets increasingly rougher as you descend. The condition of Mt. Herman Road varies depending on recency of maintenance. It is narrow and steep in places and large ruts are common. High-clearance 4WD is recommended.






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Current Conditions

(719) 636-1602Pike N. F., Pikes Peak R. D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Benjamin
Ran Mt. Herman Rd and tried to do Rampart Range Rd. today. Mt Herman Rd was open and fine, tried to drive Rampart into Colorado Springs. It is closed (gates locked) at Waypoint 04 on page 215 of the CO guidebook.

Submitted by Edward
Mt. Herman Road is closed between waypoint 1 and 2. I was trailing in reverse when I found it on May 23rd, 2021.

Submitted by Jay
Drove this road this morning. Lots of traffic of all kinds the entire distance. Jeeps, pickups, cars, Mommy Vans, bicycles, you name it. The road is very heavily washboarded for much of its length making for an uncomfortable ride. It is also quite dusty right now. Great views in many places though. Plenty of pullouts and overlooks if you can stand the dust from passing traffic.


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Michael P. says

Why does Rampart Crossover, trail #83, download as Mt Herman Rd - Rampart Range, trail #90?


This is because Mt. Herman is the first part of the trail, and Rampart Range is the end. We wanted to route to enter and exit in different places.

Chris says

For those wondering this is Trail #91 in the book. If you want Trail #83 you need to look up DAKAN ROAD, LONG HOLLOW ROAD. That will get you what you want. As for Trails #91 it is a scenic drive, but a bit busy thanks to the popularity.
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