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Mojave Road, East

1st section of the famous Mojave Road overland trip.

2 Reviews
Location Baker, CA
Rating Moderate,
Length 38.7mi
Time 7hrs

Vehicle Types


Historic road starts east of the California/Nevada state line.

This portion of the trip starts east of the California/Nevada state line. At first, it’s not well marked and takes some patience to stay on the trail. You’ll take a fun side trip to historic Fort Piute once you reach the boundary to the Mojave National Preserve. At this point, only street-legal vehicles are allowed to proceed. Dispersed camping is allowed along route unless posted otherwise. Pack out everything.


Trail Ratings Defined

Most of this route is easy, but several spots are steep, rocky and rutted. OK for aggressive stock 4x4 SUVs. Soft sand and muddy at times. Don’t go alone. Carry plenty of water and gas. Flash floods possible. Route-finding is challenging. Follow cairns, which are always on the right. Free GPS waypoints can be downloaded from our website at






High Point


Best Time To Go

Sept.- Nov. and Mar.- May

Open all year

Current Conditions

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Matt Peterson
Start of the trail is challenging to navigate. Most of the routes still end up joining the major trail at some point. We found a lot of petroglyphs just before Fort Piute.  The school bus at Waypoint 10 has been removed.


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Gary Button says

Well covered in your guide, however we didn't notice the rough section described at mile 7.5 of the Central portion of the trail; but the climb on the Eastern portion starting at mile 4.8 (past way point 8) was indeed very challenging! We rubbed the rocks a few times with our lifted Cherokee XJ on that very rough section. A very fine moderate 3 day trek:

Esther Vargas says

Awesome trail! Your guide was great and kept us on track and gave awesome side locations to visit! We started at Mojave Road and the US95. Definitely worth the trip!
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