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Maggie & Minnie Gulches

1 Review
Location Silverton,CO
Rating Easy,
Length 16mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types



Maggie Gulch is best of the two

Both gulches have historic mining structures, waterfalls and views at the top; however, if you have time for only one route, Minnie Gulch is the more interesting of the two. The left fork after Waypoint 05 is more interesting than the right fork.







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Submitted by Matthew
We only ran Maggie Gulch and this run is easy with great scenery. The real reward for mining fans is that there is a fairly intact stamp mill at the end of the trail. The road up to the Intersection Mill is closed.


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Liz Blaser says

Maggie and Minnie Gulch are great trails. We did these on our dirtbikes and it didn't take too long - probably 2 hours for both trails. This included a lot of time to explore the old mining structures and waterfalls and to take photos. The trails were extremely easy on dirtbikes - mostly smooth-ish roads with some slightly bumpy sections. It was so green at the top! I would recommend these trails if you are short on time or looking to do something easy, not too crowded, and with good views.
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