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Lockhart Canyon

No Reviews
Location Moab, UT
Rating Easy,
Length 20.8mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Fun side trip to Colorado River departing from Lockhart Basin.

This route starts at the south end of Lockhart Basin, trail #66, and goes into Lockhart Canyon all the way to the Colorado River. The last 0.4 miles are inside Canyonlands National Park, where UTVs and ATVs are not allowed, even if licensed. This route is much easier than the north end of Lockhart Basin and offers beautiful dispersed camping along first part of trail, in addition to the unique Hamburger Rock Campground (fee area) at 1.2 miles. Lockhart Canyon itself is very scenic with fun sand dunes and side trails. At the end of the trail, thick tamarisk makes it difficult to walk to the river’s edge, but you can see the river with a short climb up a nearby rock outcrop.


Trail Ratings Defined

The drive to the canyon is rough in spots but easy. The canyon itself is usually easy, but if you go in after a heavy rainstorm, you might find more challenging conditions. Under normal conditions, trail is suitable for stock 4x4 SUVs with high clearance.






High Point


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Current Conditions

435-259-2100, 435-259-4711BLM Moab Field Office, 82 E. Dogwood, Needles Visitor Center

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Pete n Sue
…Great ride…Great directions…Gorgeous views!
Couldn’t find the access trail to the river. We did drive a short way beyond the ledge parking [one car filled it] and found additional space.
Young Ranger there just laughed as we headed down the wrong path saying “Yah, you will reach a river there” …and we did find rushing water quite soon, but not what we were looking for.
Then I remembered the directions to “climb up”, so we did and found a path, but that one was overgrown and the “oh, so helpful Ranger” had left.


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