Land of Standing Rocks, Doll House

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Location Moab, UT
Rating Difficult,
Length 20.6mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Two-day, offroad adventure to fabulous “Doll House” spires.

Regardless of which route you take to get to the start of this trail (trail 70, 74 or 75), it’s a very long drive. Once on the trail, you’ll find it’s the most difficult of the trails in the Maze. Your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views of dramatic rock spires. The end of the route features unique “Doll House” clusters. For impressive pictures, camp overnight to capture sunset and sunrise. Great hike to Colorado River. Make sure to read the Area 5 introduction on page 198 for rules and regulations for the Maze area and important driving tips.


Trail Ratings Defined

Several sizable rock ledges with tight maneuvering. Soft sand in washes. We did it in our stock 4-door Rubicon using very careful tire placement. Some backcountry driving experience is recommended.




One way



High Point


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435-259-2652Ranger Station open 8 to 4:30 daily

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S. Phillips says

Fun, but long. Slow going almost all the way. Several tough sections. I did the trail in a full size pickup. Would have been easier in something smaller. No mechanical problems, but lots of scratches.

S. Phillips says

Long, fun trail. Not many east spots. I did it in a full size pickup. Would be a little easier in something smaller. No mechanical problems, but lots of scratches. Great scenery.
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