Kane Creek Canyon

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Location Moab, UT
Rating Difficult,
Length 13.5mi
Time 4hrs

Vehicle Types


Relentless creek crossings wind through spectacular canyon.

Trail winds back and forth across Kane Creek for its entire length. Erosion eats away at the trail but, so far, repairs have kept it open. The canyon is wide at first, but soon narrows and the broad drops into the creek. Once in the creek, you can’t get lost too badly, but you certainly do get confused at times. This part of the canyon is constantly changing, so look hard for markers and try to stay on designated route. This trip, we ran the trail after several days of heavy rain and one of the worst storms possible the night before. To our surprise, we finished the trail in 5 hours, but it was truly an adventure of a lifetime. As the trail dries out and more people drive it, it gets easier to follow, but it’s always a challenge. UTVs and ATVs can do this trail, but not with the high water we had.


Trail Ratings Defined

Very difficult. Even when the creek is low, you can encounter water 4 ft. deep in places. You have to squeeze through very tight brush in spots. There is a good chance you’ll get stuck in mud at some point, so go with a group that is winch-equipped. Plenty of big boulder fields including steep Hamburger Hill starting up the high ledge road. Our 2-door modified Rubicon, with 35-inch tires, got through okay, but just barely.






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Best Time To Go


Hot in summer. Take bug repellent in the hot summer months.

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