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Italian Creek, Reno Divide

3 Reviews
Location Crested Butte, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 27mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Difficult trail connects two popular recreation areas.

Both ends of the trail are popular recreation areas for hikers, bikers, fishermen, ATV and dirt bike riders. Many great places to camp along the trail. The connecting Reno Divide portion is less traveled and very remote. Combine this trail with Pearl Pass and Taylor Pass to make a great loop.


Trail Ratings Defined

A narrow, remote road with steep climbs and potential mud bogs in wet weather. Moderate rating is based on dry conditions. Becomes difficult in rainy weather especially in early part of summer. A stock 4x4 with high clearance and low-range gearing can manage the trail when dry. Aggressive tire tread is very important. Do not drive this trail alone. Upper Reno Divide 759.2B crosses a difficult rocky ledge across talus slopes. Stock SUVs should avoid going this way.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(970) 641-0471Gunnison N.F., Gunnison R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by FunTreks
Trail rating is now difficult. Lower Reno Divide, between Wpt. 04 and 05, has large embedded rocks in the mud bogs. Not for stock vehicles.


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Tyler Gurnee says

This is a fantastic trail so many views and challenges! I second not to do this alone due to some very sketchy spots and zero cell phone reception. I did the upper part that is much more difficult and it was very intimidating in some spots. This is the hardest trail I've ever been on it also connects to American Flag Mountain! where you do get cell service incase of emergency!


Ran this trail this weekend as part of the Pearl to Taylor Pass loop, though I stuck to lower Reno Divide because I was doing it solo. Most of it wasn't too bad, but it was very rocky coming down the east side into Taylor Park. The mud bogs weren't so much muddy as just deep holes with a bit of mud in the bottom. One was about a 3 foot deep pit in the middle of the trail. I drove down into it, but did not have enough approach angle with my JKU on 35s and a 2.5 inch lift and aftermarket bumper to climb out the other side. Just dug my bumper into the dirt. Fortunately there was a bypass around that pit so I was able to take that and continue on the trail. Overall a fantastic trail and I loved the side trip up American flag mountain.

Branden Sanders says

I came up from Cement Creek and took Lower Reno Divide in a 2014 Xterra with a 2” lift and 31” KO2’s with full skid plates and rock sliders. I used every one of them and still had to hammer out a bent spring mount when I got up to the divide by American Flag Mountain. There was also an upside down Jeep on the easiest part just before the upper and lower trails merged. I would definitely upgrade this trail to red in a future edition.
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