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Hummingbird Springs

2 Reviews
Location Phoenix, AZ
Rating Easy,
Length 27.9mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Scenic drive with a short hike to Hummingbird Springs.

The middle portion of this route follows a wilderness corridor between two wilderness areas. Stay on numbered routes at all times. We drove this trail in March when a red grass, which locals called Indian Wheat, dominated the landscape. This color, combined with saguaro cactus, teddy-bear cholla, blooming ocotillo and mountain backdrops, made for a very scenic trip. Short hike to Hummingbird Springs was fun even though we found no water or hummingbirds. Open to properly registered and plated OHVs.


Trail Ratings Defined

Start and end of trip were flat and easy. Center portion, between wilderness areas, was very twisty with short, steep climbs across many dry washes. Suitable for stock, high-clearance 4x4 SUVs and pickup trucks.






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(623) 580-5500Bureau of Land Management, Hassayampa Field Office

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Submitted By MMolitoris
There are two sides to this trip–one quite easy, and the other much more difficult. The Trip from Hummingbird Springs to Tonopah is an easy run, mostly flat dirt/gravel road and with some bumps as you approach the Springs endpoint. The other half, from Eagle Eye Road to the Springs is somewhat more challenging, with some places more moderate in rating; in 4 places, we had to add rocks to some deep crossovers that have been a washout, one tough uphill section where my wife said my right front tire was a foot off the ground. We have an Expedition with AT tires, beefed-up suspension, and armor; and now some new “pin striping”. It is very scenic and has great views of the two wilderness areas. Enjoy.

Submitted By Douglas F.
We drove this trail both ways earlier in the fall of 2021. We came across the friendly local rancher who was happy to chat with somebody and said he had not been through the middle section in a long time. Indeed, the midsection, past his coral, did not seem to have seen much of any traffic. The heavy August storms had caused erosion in many places. While I don’t think it merits a moderate rating, it is certainly slower and requires a bit more care than Belmont Mountain, which is a little further to the east and rated moderate. We first traveled this trail a few years ago and it was equally desolate. Be prepared.


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This run was a great time great Scenic views. We started at Sunrise and finished shortly before 1 in the afternoon at I-10 exit 94. Making little stops along the way including the hike to Hummingbird Springs. Just like the book says no hummingbirds no water. Still worth the hike not that bad of a hike. This was the end of December 2020. The book says okay for trucks and SUVs, their truck was a Toyota Tacoma. I took an 2019 FX-4 F-150 stock yes the passenger tire stock. There were spots in the middle that could be considered moderate. But doable, I was able to get them done with my full size truck in 4-wheel drive. The only bad part of the trail was the narrowness of the road for a full size truck. So, if you don't want your full size truck Arizona pinstripe this may not be the run for you. I'll tell you the truth, about the Arizona pinstripe after the first few sets they don't hurt as much.

Kevin says

Absolutely gorgeous wilderness on both sides of this very narrow trail. I got a lot of unavoidable pinstriping. The parts of the middle section are approaching moderately difficult. One wash I was unable to cross in my 2021 4runner without my front and rear bumper scraping, although a jeep would have been fine. We rode the trail on 3/24/2.
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