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Hualapai Mountains

1 Review
Location Kingman, AZ
Rating Easy,
Length 34mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Rough, scenic road winds along high ridges.

Road winds along series of high ridges with great views on a clear day. Route climbs above 7,000 feet and is cool in summer compared to desert runs at lower elevations. Visit the interesting, historic Boriana Mine complex. Many, many side roads to explore. Great for ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes.


Trail Ratings Defined

We’ve rated this trail easy based on the fact that we were able to drive it in our stock Grand Cherokee after a snowfall in early November. The road is narrow and rocky in places with switchbacks that may intimidate novice drivers. High clearance and four-wheel drive required.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(928) 718-3700Bureau of Land Management, Kingman Field Office

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Trail updates


Submitted by Chuck Wells

Most of this trail is still easy, but some of it is now moderate and the section between Waypoints 03 and 04 was difficult when I drove it in my stock Jeep Wrangler Sport. The difficulty is due to rockslides that partly block the roadway with a couple of very tight spots. It won’t take much more erosion to make this trail impassable, however, it’s very likely that maintenance will be done if this happens, either by the BLM or a local 4-wheel-drive club. This is a very important road with many uses. This road is also now part of the Arizona Peace Trail, which gives it additional importance. There is a new parking area for trailers on the north end. Please drive slowly through the residential area along Flag Mine Road. Residents are already disturbed by the increase in traffic and dust because of its new AZPT designation. I got this information from a local resident out on his own UTV. There are many blind curves through this area, so please slow down.

There are some steep, off-camber areas a lot of fallen rock from some of the cliffs. The trail is now considered Moderate rating due to terrain changes.


Submitted by Gary J.
While the trail is easy for the most part, once you reach Wabuyama trail head headed towards Borianna mines the road becomes more difficult. There are several locations where rock slides have occurred and some sharp turns over rough areas. While it is or can still be rated easy caution should be taken while in this area, it may take more time than what is stated in book. Also, there are multiple trails (7101 A-U) that branch off of the main trail (7101) that can be explored, caution is advised as some of these trails are ATV and not very wide.


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Grumbles says

This trail is a long and bumpy ride but we thoroughly enjoyed it! We started at the Hualapai Mountain Resort and exited on I-40 in Yucca. The trip took us three hours from the resort to the big mine and another hour from the mine to I-40. Total time after exploring the mine area was about five hours. I would allow for at least another hour if you plan to do the trail in the opposite direction, because it's almost all uphill and some of it is pretty steep and loose. I put in a suggestion to up the trail rating to moderate because the trail has gotten pretty rough in places with some off-camber climbs and descents, and some fallen rocks. I have a Jeep JK with a 2 inch lift and 33's and had no problems at all.
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