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Holy Cross

1 Review
Location Leadville, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 3.8mi
Time 7hrs

Vehicle Types


The best offroad trail in Colorado.

Many consider this the best hard-core trail in Colorado, replete with stunning scenery, historical points of interest and thrilling obstacles. Heavy traffic on weekends oftens means waiting a while at obstacles like French Creek. Cleveland Rock is very extreme. I wouldn’t ride my ATV on this trail, but some people try. A real leg-breaker.


Trail Ratings Defined

One of the most difficult in the state, offering non-stop challenges. Minimum 33-inch tires, differential lockers and winch are basic necessities for the entire trail. Bring spare parts and don’t go alone.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(970) 827-5715White River N.F. Holy Cross R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Mark
No major update, all obstacles were passable, completed in an RzrS. Would not recommend doing it solo, just in case.


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Bret says

The intro says it all. Took this on today with my '19 JLUR. Don't have a winch installed yet, but all the rest of the recommendations at the trailhead sign. 1/4 mile in, it was clear I wasn't going to try to go past the exit trail. Even with the factory 33's and lift of my Rubi, 4L, locked diffs, and released sway bar, I could not get thru without denting the frame in a couple places. Bring a spotter, and a wingman. If you don't meet the trail requirements, don't even bother, you won't finish the "easy" section....
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