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Hell’s Revenge

1 Review
Location Moab, UT
Rating Difficult,
Length 7.8mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Don’t miss the most popular trail in Moab.

This may be the most popular trail in Moab. It’s very close to town, not too long, challenging in a fun way and amazingly scenic. If you only have time for one difficult trail, this is the one you want to do. The trail is intertwined with the Slickrock Bike Trail. Be very careful at crossing points and remember that bikers always have the right-of-way. There is a small fee to enter the Sand Flats Recreation Area.


Trail Ratings Defined

The main trail features several large ledges that can’t be bypassed, but most of the difficulty comes from numerous narrow steep sections along slickrock fins. Optional extreme obstacles Hell’s Gate, Mickey’s Hot Tub, the Escalator and Tip-Over Challenge are dangerous and should only be attempted by expert drivers using an experienced spotter. For these obstacles, front and rear lockers are required. Major vehicle damage is not unusual. It is extremely dangerous to ride an ATV on this trail without a helmet. Stay on marked route at all times.






High Point


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Current Conditions

435-259-2444Sand Flats Recreation Area.

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Trail Updates


Submitted by Charles Wells

As you pull into the parking lot at the start of the trail, you’ll see a new road on the left marked EXIT ONLY. This new exit allows you to turn around at any point along the trail and return to the start. A new road has been created south and parallel to fin on which you normally enter. It was always a problem getting out there because that fin is so narrow. If you return to the start, you’ll see an exit sign to the right just south of Lake Michigan.


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MIke says

We ran Hell's Revenge right after running Fins-N-Things and had a blast. The trail is in great condition with a clearly marked entrance and exit fin. Wake up... that entrance fin lets you know you are in for a trip. The trail is challenging in spots but nothing you can't make it through with at least a 2" lift. We did have some scraping but with correct lines it was minimal. We could not do the hot tubs but we did do "The devil's bathtub" which is located next to "The devil's hot tub" and it was fun to play around in. If you choose to take the real exit (as in not looping back the trail to the exit you see in the parking lot) be prepared for some "fun". After 9 hours of off-roading and it getting dark (and then completely dark) I was not expecting to end the trail like that. No more slick rock, you are on some loose and some not loose rock trail that has some tricky parts with multiple downward ledges. Not exactly a joy to run in the dark, it's a bit of a smack in the face way to end the trail. We ran a 2" lift, 33s aired down, discos, frame mounted rock rails and open diffs in a 2018 Sahara JL and had no problems with picking the right lines and making it through.
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