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Hackberry Creek

1 Review
Location Superior, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 11mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Includes very steep hill climb with loose boulders.

Expect a very challenging day with scenic views. You can drive this trail several different ways, but we think this is the easiest of difficult choices. We’ve added a quick side trip to a scenic overlook. Those who call this trail “Powerline Road” drive the optional power line hill south of Waypoint 05. This hill has several extreme obstacles and is usually driven from bottom to top for maximum challenge. Trail is insanely difficult for ATVs and UTVs.


Trail Ratings Defined

The loop portion has large, awkwardly positioned rocks. Parts follow a shallow creek with enough water to wet your tires and cause them to slip. A very steep hill of loose boulders 0.5 miles north of Waypoint 05 requires differential lockers and a lot of patience. Do not drive this trail by yourself. Also, note that a mining company working in the area can grade any road at any time. Conditions can change without notice.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(928) 402-6200North part is in Tonto N.F., Globe R.D.

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Scott Muth says

A difficult but very fun trail. Two optional routes (to the right) offer very challenging obstacles and long windy boulder filled trails up and down the mountain. I have a 98 TJ, F&R lockers, long arm suspension and 35" tires. The other vehicles in my group were a 2015 Rubicon Unlimited on 35" tires and a RZR turbo. Large tires, lockers and armor is essential. Very steep obstacle/hill climb before Chevy Hill on the optional route as well. Very beautiful scenery. Stick to the left trails for an easier time..
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