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Eagle Rock, Saran Wrap

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Location Colorado Springs, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 7.9mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Challenging hard-core route will test articulation.

Eagle Rock has become a very popular hard-core trail, and with heavy use, has gotten more difficult in recent years. Extend the difficulty by first driving Saran Wrap, which connects to the lower part of Eagle Rock. Travel with other vehicles and plan a long day. Unlicensed vehicles are allowed on this trail, but you don’t see many ATVs or UTVs. It’s just a little too tough for most riders.


Trail Ratings Defined

Very steep with huge ruts and large boulders that move around in loose soil. Extreme articulation needed. Without lockers or a winch you’ll quickly become a bottleneck for faster moving vehicles that are likely to be behind you.






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Current Conditions

(719) 636-1602Pike N. F., Pikes Peak R. D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted By Craig
Very muddy, but the trail is open. Somehow made it up to Eagle Rock without lockers, but not without struggling and asking for a spotter in a couple places. Stock Xterra had its step bars beaten up pretty good. Good clearance is a must! Great fun, but very tiring.


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