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Diamondback Gulch

2 Reviews
Location Sedona, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 6.1mi
Time 1hr

Vehicle Types


Fun offroad loop between Sedona and Cottonwood.

This route is short enough to do with other trails in the area. Diamondback Gulch is rugged and remote with limited scenery. People like it because of the steep, rocky hills along the pipeline. The south end of 525, near Highway 89A, has large flat areas for dispersed camping with lots of room for large campers, although it gets muddy when it rains. F.S. 525 is a corridor to many side roads and is a popular ATV and UTV area. Tours frequent this trail, and we always see smiles on the faces of the passengers. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.


Trail Ratings Defined

We were tempted to rate this trail moderate, but the steep, rocky hills at the end have gotten worse over the years. The loose rock hill climbs and steep drop-offs increase with difficulty as you drive along the pipeline. Vehicles with 4WD Low and good ground clearance can do it with an experienced driver. Road 152A can become impassable when wet.






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Current Conditions

(928) 203-7500Coconino N.F., Red Rock R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Eric
Name changed on the sign to “Diamond Gulch OHV Trail”. Maybe 1.5 hours in an OHV. Got passed by several SxS’s going either direction. Took about 2 1/2 hours in our 4×4 frontier truck. Jeeps were driving it slower too. Pipeline portion was super fun, especially the big gulch halfway along the pipeline portion. Steep on both sides.

Submitted by Nena Barlow
Trail name changed to “Diamond Gulch OHV Trail.”


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TXpedition says

One of the easiest offroad trails in Sedona. I did this train in 2019 and looked like there was construction around the gulch. That was the most challenging portion of the trail, otherwise the views are great, the driving is fun. Take is slow, air down and respect the trails. Driven in a lifted Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Craig W says

2020 4Runner TRD Pro with a ~2 inch lift and 32 inch tires, ran on April 20. Overall trail was in pretty good condition and generally moderate. The areas by the gulch are definitely borderline difficult. Hit our skid plates a few times and longer wheel base definitely contributed to it. Could definitely get a stock mid-size offroad SUV through here with minimal drama, but probably best to have underbody protection if nothing else. Like some others have said, the scenery is honestly kind of boring compared to doing the nearby Outlaw Trail.
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