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Devil’s Punchbowl

2 Reviews
Location Marble, CO
Rating Difficult,
Length 10.6mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Narrow mining road between Crested Butte and Schofield Pass.

This route runs from Marble to Crested Butte over Schofield Pass. The Crystal Mill, on the western side, draws tourists by the thousands. The mill is one of the most photographed structures in Colorado. The big draw for 4-wheelers, however, is the trip through Crystal Canyon, featuring spectacular Devil’s Punchbowl, a deep pool of water below a dramatic waterfall. Scenery along the entire trip is unsurpassed. Many historical features. Open seasonally May 21-Nov. 22 after Wpt. 03.


Trail Ratings Defined

First portion of trail to the Crystal Mill is rocky. East of Crystal, the road becomes extremely narrow as it climbs steeply along the daunting vertical walls of Crystal Canyon. Dangerous backing required to pass. Rock slides and lingering snow can close the trail at any time. Novice drivers should avoid section between Wpts. 03 and 04. Although not recommended for stock SUVs, experienced drivers can reach the town of Crystal but should not continue. Low-range, skid plates are a must.






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Current Conditions

(970) 963-2266White River N.F., Sopris R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by NoGasWelcomeAboard
Due to heavy snow this past Winter, trail was blocked by snow about 300’ to the East of what OnX calls “Devils Punchbowl West End”, where deep icy snow covered the entire trail. Backtracking required a multi-point turnaround, because reversing up the prior descent grade into the first “bowl” would’ve been dicey. The turnaround was only possible with 2Dr short wheelbase. Spotter a must due to narrow trail & steep drop off on riverside. Suspect it will be passable within several days and may try again then.

Submitted by Robert
Found that the difficult obstacle seen on many Youtube videos is gone. Without the obstacle, the trail was not that difficult. The hardest spot was a tight squeeze between two boulders near the top of the canyon.


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Adam Bair says

Drove July 2020, from Marble toward Schofield Pass with a mostly stock 3rd Gen Tacoma. Made it to the Punchbowl in about 2.5 hours, but didn't feel confident in making it the difficult 1/2 mile or so past that and turned back. Might have been possible with sliders and a lot more experience. Great dispersed camping along the road to Crystal, especially the spot next to the Lizard Lake.

Randy says

Drove 2nd weekend of October 2021, there were still some leave on the trees making for good photography, although many were already bare so if you’re wanting to see the colors change go in September. The trail was busy with a mix of 4x4s and many many walkers, dog owners, tourists, and photographers on foot. Made it to the mill, it’s a beautiful as ever, but didn’t get beyond that. Not a terribly difficult trail **to the mill**, but narrow sections with steep drop offs will challenge novice drivers skill and mental fortitude, especially while passing, which is likely. The views are worth it though and this trail should be on every adventurer’s Colorado bucket list. Scenery was five stars, but the crowds dropped our rating down to a three.
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