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3 Reviews
Location Black Canyon City, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 7.3mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Fun, challenging loop in lesser-used part of Table Mesa OHV Area.

This fun loop takes you through the lesser-used southern half of the Table Mesa Area. You’ll enjoy a remote setting with high views and several challenges. Like other parts of Table Mesa, shooting is allowed in designated locations and is very popular along Table Mesa Road. Be aware when passing these locations. If you shoot, make sure to pack out your trash. We didn’t see any ATVs or UTVs in the area, but they are allowed. A BLM map of the area is posted at several kiosks. Call number at right for details.


Trail Ratings Defined

This rating is based on two hills that are very steep and loose. Be careful not to slide sideways. Most of trail is moderate. Driving loop in reverse direction is more difficult.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(623) 580-5500Bureau of Land Management, Hassayampa Field Office

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Trail updates

Submitted by Michael
We just did this trail last weekend in moderately modified 4Runners, great trail, not to difficult, there were only a couple of hills with challenges which were no problem, no water crossings, we completed this trail in approximately 2.5 hours.


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Ken Reeves says

One of my favorite trails. The 1st part of the trail has gotten more eroded since I first drove it. At waypoint 2, there appears to be a road that goes straight. Do not take this road as it dead ends at the top of the hill. Instead, turn left up the steep hill. The right side, my preferred way, has bigger ledges, but is more stable. I would consider this hill as difficult, not moderate. At about 1.4 miles, after you crest a ridge, the road splits. Right has a bigger drop; on the left the drop is more tippy. I prefer right. The entire back side on 9952 is very peaceful. If you're inclined, stop at the top of TV-1, there's room for 1 or 2 vehicles only, and walk down it. You'd be amazed that any vehicle could make it up this trail.


Coves can be accessed by either Rolls OHV West (#47) or Rolls OHV East (#48). Neither trails provide exact directions to the coves but you should be able to use the maps to navigate to them.

Jeremy says

Fun Trail, rode it the technical way and had no issues with our group of Jeeps. It was loose and tippy, but as long as you keep steady, no problem.
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