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Coyote Flat

1 Review
Location Bishop, CA
Rating Moderate,
Length 49mi
Time 8hrs

Vehicle Types


Visit mines and fishing lakes on high plateau.

Climb to beautiful high plateaus with panoramic views. Visit mines and fishing lakes. Explore many legal side roads and camp spots all open to green-sticker vehicles (see MVUM). Remember helmets are required. Remote camp spots with toilet at far end of trail at Waypoint 06. Hike the eastern end of King River Hiking Trail into John Muir Wilderness to Baker Lake and beyond. Wildflowers in early summer. Fishing license required.


Trail Ratings Defined

Much of trail is easy, but rocky sections are moderate. Most of trail is above 10,000 feet with highest point above 11,000 feet. Aggressive stock 4x4 SUVs will manage fine.






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(760) 873-2500Inyo N.F., White Mountain R.D.

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Submitted by Matthew
I can say is we are definitely coming back to Coyote Flats. Exercise care going up the switchbacks but you should do fine in 4 low. After you cross the creek on the way to the flats, water was running on the road which has caused some erosion so beware of a rut or two. We only took the 32E303 section down to the Baker Summit trailhead. Including a stop at the trailhead for lunch, this trip took about 4 hours. You don’t want to forget your camera for this one!

Submitted by Gary
A rough climb that will require a little more clearance than an “aggressive stock SUV”. Our XJ has a 2″ lift with 30″ tires and still scrapped several times. However, there are lovely views along the way. We discovered a sidewall puncture a little past the first water crossing which forced an end to our progress on the trail (we only carry one spare). We plan to return and complete the trail soon – the trail is certainly worth another go!


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Peter says

Appropriately rated trail. Keep your speed down, engage low range, use lockers if you have them and pick a good line on the switchbacks heading up and you'll be just fine. Stock 06' Land Cruiser with 32s did just fine. Fun track for sure.
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