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Coke Ovens

No Reviews
Location Florence, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 14mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


CLOSED Fun, remote route to historic curiosities.

The Coke Ovens are closed. Click Here.

A very popular trail because of the distinctive Coke Ovens at the end. The structures remain in remarkably good condition. The ovens are on private land and have long been threatened for closure. We found no fencing or barricades, but don’t be surprised if this occurs someday. Please keep this in mind when visiting. Pack out your trash and anything left behind by others. A fun route for unlicensed vehicles.


Trail Ratings Defined

Rocky and steep in spots, but route remains moderate as we’ve described to the ovens. Alternative exit route that continues around loop has one difficult spot not suitable for most stock SUVs. We managed it in our near-stock 4-dr. Rubicon.






High Point


Best Time To Go

Feb-May, Sept-Nov

Current Conditions

(520) 258-7200Bureau of Land Management, Gila District, Tucson Field Office

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Trail Updates

I have had your book for a while now here in AZ. I believe I got it back in 2015. At the time I had a Jeep and I carried this book with me everywhere. One trip I didn’t get to go on was the Coke Ovens. Well, there is a long story I could tell; but not here. Long story short, I lost the book and sold my Jeep. Now I have a Polaris side by side. I had to buy the book again. Sad, the coke ovens weren’t in it. After some research on the internet*, I Discovered the trail is still opened but the area around the ovens was closed. You can get close enough to take pictures and just make a loop around them. So, I did my best and set off to see the ovens. The trail to get there is Awesome. And come to find out, they aren’t really closed. If they are, the hundred people and ORVs I saw there didn’t get the message. Anyways, like I said; the trail to get there is a really cool ride, and at times challenging. Even at some point, they put a fence around the ovens, I believe it is still a trail that should be put back in your book.
*FunTreks cannot verify this information. As of our knowledge, the Coke Ovens are on private land and off-limits. It is important that we respect private land and inform others as well. 

Submitted by Craig
We drove on February 19, 2018, not realizing the coke ovens had been closed off, but ended up turning back at just past 2 miles as the rocky off camber shelf road area we got into was definitely pushing into difficult territory. It seemed like erosion had been doing a number of things the last few years. We had a stock 4Runner Trail with us and maybe could have made it with good spotting, but definitely were worried about proceeding without rock sliders. I’d say a Wrangler Rubicon could make it through stock, but not much else would be comfortable without modifications. We talked to some folks on UTVs who had gone in further, and they said that the trail conditions were way worse further down. I’ve run quite a few moderate and difficult trails between the AZ book and Utah and Colorado books, and this one was definitely pretty nasty at this point. Much much more difficult than anything we encountered coming through Box Canyon.

Submitted by FunTreks
The Coke Ovens are closed. Click Here.


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