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China Dam, Tule Homestead

2 Reviews
Location Crown King, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 8.2mi
Time 4hrs

Vehicle Types


Cross remote desert to great cabin ruins and stone dam.

This is a fun desert drive to two large historic structures: an old dam along Humbug Creek, and an interesting miner’s residence at Tule Creek Riparian Management Area. A great area for ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes, with many side roads to explore. The Bradshaw Foothills Staging Area is north of Lake Pleasant Regional Park and thus no fee is required to camp or ride from this point north. Pack out your trash.


Trail Ratings Defined

Rocky and steep in several places, but otherwise suitable for aggressive stock high clearance SUVs. Off-road driving experience recommended. Don’t drive in creek except to cross.






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Current Conditions

(623) 580-5500Bureau of Land Management, Hassayampa Field Office

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Submitted by Jace
This trail I would say is more for jeeps or modified SUVs cause leaving the dam is very hard it’s quite steep and very rocky, a little bit washed out with several rock ledges. And if you were to cross past the dam it is very sandy.


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Rod Sutter says

Just did this trip with my son and his family, 3-10-2018, trail real rocky in some areas. The section to Old China Dam is not bad except for the last 100 ft or so. It's not for wide vehicles, only had to go into 4WD 1 time going in and 1 time going out. The trail to Fort Tule is a little rougher, had to do 4WD 4-5 times going in, and left it in 4WD heading out, but it is a fun drive. Great old building, think what it was like living here back then.

Craig W says

Drove on November 27, 2020. Overall was a pretty enjoyable day. Except for the the last tenth of a mile or so, the trail out to China Dam is pretty mild. The last few miles have some significantly more difficult spots starting with the steep descent into the wash at just over the 4 mile mark. We did it in a 4Runner TRD Pro with a ~1.5 inch lift and 32s and had no significant issues anywhere. Definitely will want a low range for the second half of the trail though in my opinion.
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