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Cherokee Park, Halligan Reservoir

1 Review
Location Livermore, CO
Rating Moderate,
Length 13.8mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


One way goes to mountaintop, other way to fishing lake.

This is a fun little trip on a warm day with the top down. We found lots of wildflowers in mid-July. Great views, especially at Waypoint 04 above the reservoir. Small challenges; not overwhelmingly difficult. Make sure you have a fishing license if you decide to fish. Closed to vehicles from September 1 to May 1. Call about regulations during hunting season.


Trail Ratings Defined

Rocky and steep at the top, but most high-clearance SUVs should be able to do it. Easy drive to reservoir.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(970) 472-4300Colorado Division of Wildlife, Fort Collins office.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by FunTreks
The route discribed in the guidebook between waypoint 3 and 4 is now closed to motor vehicles. The rest of the trail is still open May 1- September 1. Forest Map.


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Brendon Howard says

I have the 2011NoCO book, so maybe there are updates..(2018)But, Waypoint 2 is now more overgrown for pictures. However, the trail continues into the valley to the NE for another 1/4 mile or so at easy/moderate terrain. It then ends at a bog that was still there on Father's Day. Somebody with wide tires made it another 100 yards, but then maybe realized there was no one following them. Nice little rock-crawling steps above the reservoir on the other side! Unless you're going fishing, the small landing spot (negotiate fence) on the water is kinda boring. Some larger birds living in the cliffs to the north; but nowhere to stay out of the sun or to relieve oneself appropriately.
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