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Broken Arrow

2 Reviews
Location Sedona, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 3.8mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


Short 4×4 trail may be the most memorable in Arizona.

Although fairly short, this is one of the best 4×4 trails in Arizona. It is extremely fun to drive, and the red rock scenery is knockout beautiful. Heavy traffic with lots of tour Jeeps, hikers, and mountain bikers. non-street-legal vehicles are allowed; however, due to limited parking, we do not recommend them on this trail.


Trail Ratings Defined

This is a real 4-wheel drive trail, although the ledges are manageable with careful tire placement. By far the toughest spot is “The Steps.” They require very high ground clearance. The most aggressive stock SUVs can do them, but most stock vehicles will bottom out, so skid plates are required. Trail is very narrow, and backing is sometimes required to pass. Not recommended for extra-wide and extra-long vehicles.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Current Conditions

(928) 203-7500Coconino N.F., Red Rock R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Mike
Ran the trail on 7/3/19. The trail was in great condition other than all those Pink Jeep Tours constantly on it. Ran the waterfall down and found it to be in very good condition. The more challenging route is on the right loop when you go up or obviously the left loop when you come down. We followed the main signs to get to the overlook and then turned around and on our way down we took the left turn to do the more challenging route with the waterfall. We ran a 2″ lift, 33s aired down, discos, frame mounted rock rails and open diffs in a 2018 Sahara JL and had no problems with picking the right lines and making it through.


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Scottsdale Jeep says

Just did this amazing trail Sunday, June 23, 2019 in my Jeep Rubicon. Very challenging in spots but nothing that caused any problems. It has an assortment of terrain from rock ledge stair steps to slick rock to dirt tracks to narrow trails, all of it loads of fun. We spent 4 hours on the trail, a lot of the time was spent taking pictures of the beautiful red rock scenery. I was followed by 3 - Ford Raptors that had some problems in places either hitting skid plates or bumpers. Because of the tight trails and rock ledges this is actually more of a Jeep trail than one for trucks. On this page they refer to "The Steps", which everyone else refers to as "The Devils Staircase". A spotter is helpful going down this area but not necessary. It is a series of rock ledges "steps" that descends a fairly steep hill. I went down it in my Jeep than turned around and went back up. Going up was a challenge and at the very top it took me a couple of times of backing up to get over the largest of the rock ledges. If you haven't done this trail it is so worth it, just the scenery alone will make your day.

Tex says

This trail is one of my favorite of all time we ran it in a full size Ram Power Wagon and it was a challenge because of all the tight spots and trees on corners. But we made it without and body damage and just a few pinstripes going down the devils staircase in a 8000 lb truck is interesting for sure 👍🏽 the views are amazing 🤩
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