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Box Canyon

2 Reviews
Location Florence, AZ
Rating Moderate,
Length 28mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Popular route passes through narrow canyon.

The best part of this drive is the stretch through Box Canyon and along the high bypass road. Everything else described is to get you to the canyon and out of it. The bypass route takes you out of the northern half of canyon to avoid a difficult obstacle in the canyon bottom. The easiest way to reach the canyon is from the south via Price Road. Entering from the north via Mineral Mountain Road is fun but more complicated. See page 16 for explanation of red flag warning and state land.


Trail Ratings Defined

A few large roundedoff boulders that require careful tire placement. Aggressive stock SUVs with good ground clearance can do it. Don’t enter canyon if heavy rain is expected. Dangerous flash floods are possible.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(520) 258-7200Bureau of Land Management, Gila District, Tucson Field Office

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Michael Paul Dykes says

I live in Florence, so Box Canyon is my go-to trail. It's pretty easy, except for a crazy ledge. I haven't made it all the way through, as I left the guidebook at home, and my GPS app couldn't connect in the bottom. Poor preparation by me meant we had to turn around almost 80% of the way in, and backtrack out. Very fun, scenic trail. I'm going again tomorrow, and finishing it!

Jim Mowbray says

My wife and I ran this trail last week and and loved it. We got side tracked a couple of times because the signs have changed a bit since the book was published but it was fun getting off track, then back on a couple of times. Came up on the Waterfall obstacle and decided not to do it with no experienced spotters around. Nice scenery and not very crowded at all for a weekend. Definitely a moderate trail.
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