Belmont Mountain

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Location Phoenix, AZ
Rating Easy,
Length 20mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Explore old mining roads across high desert.

A remote, high-desert mountainous area with many old mining roads to explore. Scenic when viewed from high vantage points. Stay clear of open vertical mine shafts and never enter mines. A more difficult optional route to the east is narrow and more suited for ATVs and UTVs, but smaller 4x4s can manage it with careful tire placement.


Trail Ratings Defined

Hard-packed dirt with small washed-out sections. Side roads are more challenging. High clearance stock 4WD SUVs can do main route.






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Current Conditions

(623) 580-5500Bureau of Land Management, Hassayampa Field Office

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Submitted by Chuck Wells

We will be changing the rating on this trail from easy to moderate. There are just a few steep sections that have gotten a bit more washed out and rutted. I had no problems in my stock Wrangler Sport.


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Jason R Schwyn says

2004 Land Rover with 2” lift and 265/75 16 General Grabber X3 tires. Fun ½ day trip for beginners like us. Technical enough to be interesting, but no anxious moments. Nice view of the South Valley on the way down. The website says the trail has become more rutted than when originally mapped for the book. Except for some wheel slip on one ascent that convinced me to lock the center differential, not much of a challenge for our vehicle. The road sign at the waypoint 5 was missing, so we had to back track a little to get on Northern Avenue.
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