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Beef Basin

1 Review
Location Moab, UT
Rating Easy,
Length 91.6mi
Time 10hrs

Vehicle Types


Known for its many Native American ruins.

The route described here follows the main Beef Basin Road and features many outstanding Native American ruins, as many as you can possibly see in a single day. If your interest is cliff dwellings, you’ll need to camp several days or longer and take daily hikes into the backcountry. The route described here is entirely on BLM and National Forest land where unlicensed vehicles are permitted. Not so if you take the alternate exit through Canyonlands National Park (see trail #73 for day-use permit requirement). Stay on marked designated routes at all times. It is a federal crime to remove artifacts or alter historic sites.


Trail Ratings Defined

When dry, the road is usually in good condition; however, in wet weather, it can be rutted and muddy. Snow can linger in the forest at higher elevations through April, and early fall snowstorms are possible. Suitable for most stock, high-clearance 4x4 SUVs.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Hot in summer.

Current Conditions

435-587-1500, 435-587-2041, 435-259-4711Monticello BLM, Manti-La Sal N.F., Monticello, C.N.P. Needles Visitor Center

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Ken Reeves says

11 Oct 2021 The road to beef basin is quite nice with a great variety of scenery. The 1st part to waypoint 3 could be driven in a passenger car. The rest is easy 4wd with the loop through beef basin being the most challenging. The side trip to Salt Creek Overlook is difficult with many ledges and many places where it is hard to find the route. Don’t do it at night since in many places you head right to the edge of the cliff.
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