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Barney Riley

1 Review
Location Bridgeport, CA
Rating Moderate,
Length 11mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


End of trail features camping and hike to remote hot springs.

Very scenic with great mountain views from high points along the route. Mix of open and wooded terrain with aspen trees that provide fall color. Great camping along East Fork of Carson River at the end. Unique stone hot spring pools on north side of river must be accessed by foot, raft or canoe depending on depth of river. Trail open to green-sticker vehicles, but no motorized vehicles are allowed to cross river.


Trail Ratings Defined

Most of this trail is easy, but several steep, rocky sections will test novice drivers. Stock SUVs can do it, but skid plates and moderate ground clearance are recommended.




One way



High Point


Best Time To Go

May- September

Current Conditions

(775) 882-2766Humboldt-Toiyabe N.F., Carson R.D. Call

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Trail Updates

Submitted by Derek
Hey guys, just did Barney Riley last weekend in my stock Jeep Wrangler JL and I would say it’s closer to difficult than moderate. I say this having done multiple moderate trails from your great book as well as trails in Moab and Colorado with no real problems. About 7 miles in the trail has a number of obstacles that I couldn’t get back up without assistance. I’m sure a rig with at least a 2” lift would be fine but not stock. I know that AllTrails shows the trail from 395 12 miles into the hot springs and I’d suggest the same for any updates as it’s a true, fun moderate trail. I just hope no one gets stuck down there on the route from Monitor Pass because I almost did-of course I take full responsibility for my actions.


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Julie V says

10/05/20 - We made it up to about mile 6.4 on the trail. If you have Layers on your Map, the section when you come out of Forest to BLM land there is a section that has steep, silty, technical area. I think mile 6.0 You will need to scout and have a spotter to be safe. Rock sliders would be nice. A stock Chevy Colorado with 31" BFG KO2, made it down and up. It will test your skills and nerves. We cut it short since we had slippage on rocks and damaged the exhaust on a vehicle. We turned around to play it safe and get home. Have fun! I gave it a 4 since we didn't finish.
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