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Backway to Desert Bar

Nellie E. Saloon

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Location Lake Havasu City, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 5.6mi
Time 3hrs

Vehicle Types


Take the back way to this amazing bar in the middle of nowhere.

The Desert Bar, aka Nellie E. Saloon is a popular hangout north of Parker. Most people drive to it via easy Cienega Springs Road. Local 4-wheelers showed us this more challenging backway through the rugged Buckskin Mountains. The area along Cienega Springs Road has become a major draw for hard-core Jeeps, UTVs and non-street-legal vehicles. Here you’ll find lots of dispersed camping and numerous side trails to explore, some very difficult. Contact the Parker Four Wheelers for more information about this area.


Trail Ratings Defined

Steep rock wall near the start is followed by a narrow, winding, rocky trail with steep climbs and descents. Trail is deeply rutted, tippy and washed out in places. I did it in my stock Wrangler Sport without lockers, but it was a real challenge.






High Point


Best Time To Go


Check to see when the bar is open.

Current Conditions

(928) 505-1200Bureau of Land Management, Lake Havasu Field Office

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Trail Updates


Submitted by Chuck Wells

This trail is now very difficult. There is a steep rock wall at the very beginning. I checked all the little side shoots and found no bypass. In addition, there are several steep, narrow sections on the last part of the trail that are very rocky with side erosion. This being said, I drove the entire trail in my stock Wrangler Sport. It was slow going in spots, but with careful tire placement, I got through just fine. The portion between Waypoint 02 and 03 in the book is well marked with BLM posts showing it as part of a loop called the “Gray Eagle Mine Trail.” There are many side roads to explore along Cienega Springs Road. This area has become a UTV mecca. I saw several large groups of campers along the road. Not sure how I missed the large rooster on top of the gas station and market at the start of the trail. This obvious landmark makes it easy to find the trail.



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