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Backway to Crown King

1 Review
Location Crown King, AZ
Rating Difficult,
Length 25.3mi
Time 5hrs

Vehicle Types


Popular, challenging offroad adventure to historic Crown King.

Popular and challenging 4-wheel-drive route with lots of history. We’ve driven this trail several times over many years, and each time conditions were dramatically different. Our last drive found the middle portion difficult and the upper portion easy, just the reverse of previous trips. Unlicensed vehicles are allowed on roads inside Prescott National Forest. You should be street legal (no kids) to ride on Cow Creek Road, but we saw several ATVs that were not. Fines are possible.


Trail Ratings Defined

Very steep and rocky in spots. Elevation gain over 4,600 ft. High clearance and 4WD required. In our stock 4-door Rubicon, we used our lockers several times. ATV riders should be very skilled.






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Current Conditions

(928) 443-8000Prescott N.F., Bradshaw R.D.

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MAS says

This trail is a Phoenix classic. That said, it is a trail of two faces. On the bright side, the lower half, until the riverbed, offers 6-7 great optional challenges for people who want to test themselves and their rigs in serious terrain. On a different note, driving the entirety of the trail gets one to experience the landscape change from Sonoran Desert to Pine forest. On the downside, the trail is overcrowded, at least on weekends, and while there were only a couple of actual challenges in Fall 2018, the trail was simply not fun for me to drive, unlike trails such as Broken Arrow or Red Rock Powerline. It was a "meh" experience on the whole, partly because of the length to fun ratio. I think it deserves 3 stars on account of its positive features, but it is very low on my list of trails to re-drive. Then, again, others really love the trail, so opinions will vary.
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