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Argentine Pass, McClellan Mountain

No Reviews
Location Georgetown, CO
Rating Moderate,
Length 13mi
Time 6hrs

Vehicle Types


Great road to high views and amazing Santiago Ghost Town.

Incredible views from 13,132-ft. Argentine Pass and top of McClellan Mountain. Don’t miss historic buildings at Santiago Mine and Ghost Town. Many legal side roads to explore. Numerous tourist attractions in quaint Georgetown. Check out new visitor center near freeway exit.


Trail Ratings Defined

Rocky at the start and very narrow at the top of Argentine Pass. Much of the lower route is easy unless you take alternate route 248.1B along creek. Snow can block trail well into summer. Follow an old railroad grade to top of McClellan Mtn. Need aggressive stock SUV with low range.




6mi to Waldorf 2.3mi more for Argentine and 4.7mi for McClellan



High Point


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Current Conditions

(303) 567-3000Arapaho N.F., Clear Creek R.D.

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Submitted by Donald
Ran the trail with a modified Jeep Rubicon, 38-inch tires 4.5-inch lift, on 25 June 2020. Snow still blocking the trail at 12,300 feet. The snow piles up on the shelf road such that you are leaning downhill on ice if you attempt to ride over the blockage. We gave up out of caution. The rest of the route up to 12,300 feet was easy but bumpy. Around 11,900 feet there was a 2-foot boulder obstacle easy in my rig but would be a problem for a stock Jeep. Otherwise bumpy but good. Views are great, wish I had got to the top as it would have been awesome. Like the guide says July is a better time to do.

Submitted by Brad Gerttula
About 2.75 mi, thick ice fall hiding under powder. Almost lost my vehicle


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