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Apex Road

No Reviews
Location Nederland, CO
Rating Easy,
Length 11.6mi
Time 2hrs

Vehicle Types


Scenic back country drive close to Central City and Blackhawk.

Scenic back country drive just outside the gambling towns of Central City and Black Hawk. See four historic cemeteries near Waypoint 01. At Waypoint 03, see the little town of Apex, a near ghost town. This route connects to many other 4-wheel-drive trails (see map). Unlicensed vehicles are allowed west and north of Waypoint 03. See map for three OHV side roads off Mammoth Gulch Road. Open all year, weather permitting.


Trail Ratings Defined

Mostly graded, but some embedded rock. Suitable for ordinary passenger cars when dry.






High Point


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Current Conditions

(303) 567-3000South of Waypoint 03: Arapaho N.F., Clear Creek R.D.

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Trail Updates

Submitted by John
Very rough. Snow is still melting at he sides of the trail causing large rutts in places. Skid plates came in handy for stock-height Cherokee Trailhawk.

Submitted by Adam
Very easy on the way up to the town of Apex. Once you turn left onto Elk park road the trail starts to see more embedded rock and some ruts. Probably suitable for low clearance up to this point. Closer to the end of the trail the road really starts to see more rock and washouts, good tire placement needed, and might scrape the bottom in some places if poor route chosen. Great trail for views and some fun driving!

Submitted by Carlos
Once arrived at Roosevelt National Forest (just before waypoint 4) I had to stop due to deep snow. I might have made it through but I was by myself and didn’t want to take a chance.

Submitted by Jen
We took my lifted Rav4 out here this weekend and at the top of Apex Rd before it turns into Mammoth Gulch there is a steep loose ditch that caused us to turn around. Maybe it was washout from this hard winter but it’s definitely a moderate obstacle.


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